IPTV & Advertising With Purpose

Company Overview

Advanced Advertising Technology

One of the global leaders in IPTV and ad acceleration, eStreamTV started in 2018 caters to the digital advertising marketing by bringing superior management experience operating large-scale ad revenue and IPTV platforms.

Why eStreamTV

ESTREAMTV is a Digital Advertising Revenue Generating company that partners with IPTV providers, Hotels, Transportation companies, and Media providers to deliver highly profitable Ad Insertions; resulting in ‘multimillion-dollar residual’ monthly revenue streams. The Company actively leads the digital transformation market and accelerates the ability to migrate from a legacy advertising medium (i.e. Cable TV and Satellite) to edge device streaming. ESTREAMTV solutions provide our customers the ability to significantly increase advertising revenues while reducing overhead and risk.

Here for you 24/7/365

ESTREAMTV is able to deploy and support IPTV and ad-solutions, 24/7/365.

Residual Monthly Revenues and More

Global Reach

We will work with the Customer, their entire team, and any vendors to fulfill immediate IPTV (Live TV) & Ad insertion requirements anywhere in the world.

Strategic Partnerships

ESTREAMTV has strategic partnerships that allow us to mass advertise on brand name accounts including Choice Hotels, NYC Subways, Int. Airports, etc.

Enjoy your increased revenue

ESTREAMTV Ad-based Solutions create a brand new revenue stream that is critical to the Customers Technical and Financial Bottom-Line.