A Consortium of Advertisers and Ad Placements 

– Advertisers want to reach the consumer though Television
and Internet via unique and strategic ad placements
through programmatic advertising.

– Companies with ad placements available need help either
selling the ad space or are not large enough (ie, have
enough monthly impressions) to be enticing to the Ad
Exchanges and the DSPs (Demand Side Platforms).

– By integrating programmatic advertising, eStreamTV has developed a process to
serve video and banner advertising across multiple ad space partners. Together
with ZooxSmart, our companies run eStreamTV’s Demand Partner’s advertising
across the Television and Webspace for major hotel chains, subway stations,
airports, and bus lines worldwide…allowing those clients to share in ad revenue
generated that they have never been able to previously.

– The eStreamTV Consortium allows all of our ad distribution partners be apart of a
bigger Ad Impression footprint resulting in higher CPM Rates from our Ad Demand

– eStreamTV also uses the analytics collected from our programmatic ad tags to sell
our ad distribution partner’s ad space to direct advertisers.

– eStreamTV is the most efficient and experienced company to monetize
programmatic ad space with the combination of our local sales partner companies,
eStreamTV’s knowledge of programmatic advertising, and our partnerships.

Darren Cummings